Fly away Jay Cutler

Embittered quarterback Jay Cutler has finally gotten his wish. He’s finally complained enough to warrant the Denver Broncos to cut their losses, and trade him to the Chicago Bears for fellow QB Kyle Orton and two draft picks.

An athlete complaining publicly to get what they want? There’s a shocker.

However, while I don’t condone what Cutler has been doing (issuing statements that he no longer wants to play in Denver, selling his Denver area home, and not answering phone calls from team brass), I can understand it on some level. His ego has taken a huge blow, and he will do anything to pump it back up. Cutler even went out of his way earlier this week to tell Fox Sport’s Jay Glazer that he had never wanted out of Denver. The evidence however, seems to say otherwise.

“I was surprised they decided to trade me this soon,” Cutler told Glazer. “I didn’t want to get traded. This wasn’t me. (The Broncos) had been going back and forth saying things, wanting me to be their quarterback and then they didn’t.”

Cutler then tried to mend fences with his former teammates and the Denver public.

“I really didn’t want this. I love Denver. I really like my teammates. I didn’t want it to get this far.”

But Denver owner Pat Bowlen and new head coach Josh McDaniels obviously found that Cutler could no longer be a part of the Broncos family, and shipped him to Chicago.

Cutler leaves the comfort of an offense that he once ruled, and was very productive while playing for, to head to a team that has no offense to speak of.

Former kickoff returner Devin Hester was the Bears leading receiver last season with 665 yards receiving. His three receiving TDs were third on the team behind tight end Greg Olsen (5) and running back Matt Forte (4). The Cutler/Hester duo seems to be explosive on paper, but only time will tell if that actually proves to be the case.

Forte, who rushed for over 1,000 yards last season and had 12 total TDs, is the lone weapon that the Chicago offense had boasted, and he’s got be thankful that the Bears finally have a competitive signal caller (nothing against Kyle Orton, but he’s no Jay Cutler).

So that leaves Denver with two quarterbacks who had endless potential (Orton and Chris Simms, son of Giants great Phil), but never lived up to it.

The question remains, the Broncos now have two picks in the top 20 (12,18), will they draft a quarterback. And will one of the top two guys in the draft, Stanford’s Matthew Stafford or USC’s Mark Sanchez, still be on the board?

My guess? Yes. Detroit more than likely won’t grab a high risk position player, like a QB, with the top pick. Seattle might take the plunge at pick number four, but that still leaves one or the other on the board for Denver to take a bit later. However, if the Broncos don’t take one of the two, a fantastic option might be Missouri’s Chase Daniel, who according to my good friend, and sports insider A.B. Sack, could very likely still be available in the third round when Denver picks at  79.

Cutler should be fine, he’s got the talent to survive anywhere. But where do the Broncos go from here, having lost their franchise player.

We’ll see, won’t we.


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