Is Dallas better without TO?

I’ve had a few people ask me today if the Cowboys are better off now that Terrell Owens has been cast off, and signed with the Bills.

The simple answer is, no, they’re not.

Owens being released leaves the Cowboys without a marquee receiver (and no, I’m not including Jason Witten, he’s a tight end).

Owens had 1,052 yards receiving, and 10 TDs last season.

Dallas’s roster boasts a group including former first round bust Roy Williams, Miles Austin, and Patrick Crayton.

Combined 2008-09 stats?

1,026 yards receiving, 8 TDs.

As I said, I”m not including Witten, who the team uses primarily as a receiver, and not a prototypical TE. He’s a great player, but can’t carry the team.

TO will be SORELY missed, count on it.

I would bet that less than five minutes into the Cowboys first game (9/7 at Cleveland), fans are screaming that they miss TO. And as much of a clown as he is, the man can flat out play football.

And to a lot of people, that takes precedence over an individual’s character.


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